BAT about to reach full supply. Is it the end of Brave referral rewards?

Total supply 1,500,000,000 BAT
supply in circulation 1,493,222,637 BAT

They are less than 7 million BAT to reach the total supply.

Once the UGP is exhausted, will the Brave referral reward system be terminated or will it be maintained?


I had no idea!

That is maybe why I am receving a lot less ads…

If the team decided to end the referral program, they will announce it. :wink:

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But we would like to know as soon as possible, because looking for referrals is not easy and I would not like to waste my time or others in this referral system so that later they say that this payment system will not work


Could you give us previews of something even if it is? @eljuno @steeven please

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