BAT 5.70 got transferred some days ago but not reflecting on Uphold Wallet

Hi, I am Swastik Deoghoria from India.
I am using Brave Browser on my android device daily and it’s lot better than any other browsers right now.

Currently I am facing some problems related to a payment that I haven’t received.

Recently I noticed on my Brave Publishers Account that - 5.70 BAT got transferred on 19-03-2021 on my Uphold wallet.

When I checked for the same on my Uphold account,
there were no information available for the same . I went to settings and noticed that my currency were set to INR not BAT. Now I wonder what went wrong! Brave deposited 5.70 BAT but on Uphold there were no information for the same because the currency were set to INR from my end. Corrected it to BAT an hour ago.

Please help me to get the remaining BAT’s if possible

The email I am using currently is registered with Brave Publishers, Uphold and the community

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Bhai aap aapki Card check karo jis card ko Add kiya tha…

Bhai Nahi h mene dekh lia… Aur last credit mera 10 March ko hua tha lekin 19 March wala brave Browser pe dikha rha deposit hua h… shayad currency INR pr change krne ki wjh se uphold pr credit he nahi hua BAT token

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INR karne se kuch nhi hota
Uphold ki received email ka snapshot dedo bhai (Personal details hide kar dena)

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