Basic infor for beginners

Hi, I am absolutely new to this, can someone guide me on what to do for a beginner ? What are BATs and certain basic on how to go about and earn rewards, what do you mean by watching ads, what is this attention percentage flashing and how is it calculated i mean on what basis, I need some basic info.
Thanks in advance :grinning:

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To simplify, BAT is like a virtual currency.

If you activate ads, they will occasionally appear on your screen as notifications. Each notification will give you some BAT.

It’s just a number that you can ignore.


Wow, thnk you so much for making this easy. Also what are tips ? Can u tell me a bit about it too ?

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you can use your earned bats to give it to your favorite content creators who had a verified brave publisher account, you can identify them by this: image
clicking on it you can see some info and directly send a tip.

note: if you don’t want to give any tip be sure to deactivate the auto contribute in the rewards settings

You’re welcome

You can tip (=give money) to people in two ways. One was described by JohnDproof in the post up here. But you can also tip anyone on the Web, wherever you see the “orange triangle”. For example, go to and you will see this:

By clicking on “Tip”, you can send money (BAT) to the author of that post (NASA, in this case).

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