Basic Attention Token Down

Down 30% in a week …
Lol where do I send the cheque

Guess just trying to be funny? Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is a lot like stocks. They fluctuate in their value based on how much investment is going into them and the economy in general. Take Bitcoin (BTC) as an example. It is down 17.85% for the week, -30.46% for the month, etc. Yet at the same time, that’s all current trading standards. It has a long history of dropping before it suddenly skyrockets again. This is because of people buying and selling the tokens. Look at the big picture though and it tells you something. For example, not long ago there was an article of a wallet being reactivated and moving lately. The initial investment of $8,425 turned into $23.7 million. Yet I’m sure at the time, even then, that was “down” for the hour, month, week, or year. LOL

Anyway, either just sit happy on the BAT and hope it grows, sell when you think it goes well, and try to keep investments in the right place. And if you would like to buy BAT, you can always do so through places like Uphold. (^_^)

BAT is +127.34% for the year according to Uphold. Pretty solid growth if people had put enough money into it. It’s also what’s behind people receiving less BAT each month, as the value of it has increased.

Looks good this month too.
This time next year we’ll be millionaires Rodney

BAT value is going nowhere, so I’ll suggest you to tip all your BAT to me :grin:

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Of course,
Just send all your bank details, pin, mothers maiden name etc. and consider it done.

thanks dude, this crypto bear market makes me broke AF.

Maybe ask Saoiray ^ for help with that, He’s a Ninja.
And a keyboard warrior to boot.

Hmm? When did that happen? All this name calling. What’s next? Going to say I’m a SJW? An incel? Or which other things?

All I can say is I haven’t been abusive or highly opinionated, especially here.

My Bat earnings for last month were divided by 10 and then lost 13.2% the day before tomorrows payout.
Let me know your thoughts.

end of the month dive again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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