Barron's Not Working


I log in, with correct username + passphrase, doesn’t log in or reject - the loading icon just keeps twirling indefinitely… Have tried on a few different Wi-Fi networks, no luck. Any suggestions?


Hi @cjohnphilbrick

Do you have strict site isolation enabled? You can check by going to Preferences > Security, the strict site isolation setting is on this page.



Hi Lauren, I don’t - should I?



Hi @cjohnphilbrick

It’s a personal choice - it’s an experimental feature, I do recommend reading up on it a bit. However, it is known that some sites don’t play nicely with it so it has been known to cause issues :slight_smile: If you do decide to enable it, if you find you’re having an issue (with captchas for example), it would be good to try with that feature off to see if the issue persists.

But back to your original problem. Could you please navigate to the site you’re trying to access and click on the lion icon in the top right corner and share a screenshot of your shield settings? Chances are one of them could be blocking the site from appearing properly.



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