⚠ Bard Says Short Circuit is more dangerous than power surge, Brave Browser Corruption/Data Loss Protection measures

I am already using Pure sine wave 1050va from Exide for 4+ years and haven’t had any major issues like the one which i faced today → an abrupt PC shutdown while PC was being used… i think it was short circuit, this was the first time i experienced it in my life/home.

A short circuit TRIP message was displaying on ups display… ups wasn’t damaged as it has started working normally after like 10 minutes while i changed the modes manual and bypass back and forth and used the reset feature, i guess Sinewave ups noticed about the abnormality(short circuit) and aggressively turned off power to all of the connected devices(which caused pc to shutdown aswell)… nothing has been damaged and Win 8.1 survived from this with only standard error in event viewer

Crystaldiskinfo also reported everything is good… Even though everything looks normal as of now, i think i cant say the same for the future so i am thinking on what i should do to protect the PC and OS

Current Layers of protection is

Pure Sine wave ups + Huntkey Surge Protector + Huntkey surge protector 2nd layer + ROG Thor 850p PSU

i mean my bedroom wall socket is protected by pure sine wave ups which serves as primary 1st layer and then i connected a hunt key surge protector to the bedroom wall socket which has been guarded by sine wave ups and then with that hunt key surge protector, i have connected another independent huntkey surge protector and from that independent extension board i connected the ROG Thor 850p PSU

some of the images can be seen here

Ideally this triple layer of protection seems to be super strong enough, however from today’s short circuit incident i have learnt that this alone wont be enough as sine wave ups shuts down the power to all sockets(even though sine wave ups is in fully charged state)and thus pc will now abruptly shut down… is there anyway to prevent this from happening again ? i think this issue might also have to deal with transformer in the street where government managing electricity maybe a reason for this issue and many houses might be affected due to this?..im not sure about that… I can only see what i can do to protect the pc…is buying a computer dedicated ups be worth it and be a good solution to protect brave browser data in windows ?

Here is a rough illustration

Sine Wave UPS → Bedroom Wall Socket guarded by Pure sine wave ups → Primary surge protector extension board → Computer UPS further chained with → Secondary Surge Protector Extension board which will be powering ROG Thor 850p + NU8000 Samsung TV and few other devices like HDDs, DTH, Wi-Fi…etc

ideally pure sine wave ups will be taking 99.9% of the protection measures and provide backup current to all of the connected devices in the events of power outage,->> this also means sending current to the computer dedicated ups in the events of power outage… however in short circuit situations, even though sine wave ups is fully charged, it seems like it will shut down everything :disappointed_relieved:

So while this is the case, technically, if sine wave ups shuts down sending power to all of the wall sockets(which it has been connected/actively protecting during outages)…the intermediary computer dedicated ups if used ->> will that computer ups think only the power has been lost and will switch to battery mode OR it will also detect the short circuit issue and it will also shut down iteself to protect the connected devices?

how does this work ? Because if the intermediary computer ups also shuts down during the events of short circuit similar to the primary sine wave ups then it would defeat the purpose of getting that intermediary computer ups as the primary sine wave ups already seems to be strong enough to provide backup for 2 to 3 hours…

Longer power outage are rare in my area and issues like short circuit have never happened …today is the 1st time i experienced it…ups was making constant beep sound, the sound almost made me to think ups died but it turns out its the protection measure…

what shall i do now ? how are you protecting your desktop…? i have always been laptop user until this year where i upgraded to desktop and after seeing how gpu stays effectively cool in desktop…

i want to use desktop for a very longer period of time… i also lost interest in laptops due to the manufacturers obesession of wanting to make laptops super thinner… By making laptop thin, it also reduces the number of usb 3.1 ports on laptops aswell(which is not something which i like)…i like how desktops has 14 usb 3.0 ports but laptops now has only 2 usb ports and even if usb hubs may help they are restricted to 900mA which usb 3.0 can supply…
so i want protection mainly for desktop as i will be only using desktop… if i should buy computer ups, should 600w be enough? my pc consumes 85w during idle and may hit upto 275w to 350w while playing some games… 100w to 117 watts during browsing and regular pc use…

i got 850watts PSU mainly for more headroom, also i like the oled display showing real time watts consumption

temp photo… Custom pc build for win 8.1

share me what is best suited for desktop use case as i believe it is important to take care of both PC aswell as windows 8.1 and failing to take care may lead to corruption of browser files especially if the outage occurs during critical time of pc use

I was discussing about another topic recently and i redirected that topic to this issue, Now we have more clarity… If you think this information is Not accurate, then, what’s going on wrong with this plan as illustrated…

ROG Thor 850* 90 to 115 watts*

i haven’t got the computer ups yet, other three protections are ON

if you find the given information of Bard is not accurate, Explain more on why you think its wrong…

For me, i think this should work and protect the Desktop in most cases.

I will make a video of the setup if i get a dedicated computer ups… For now, im not rushing it as short circuits are very rare case scenarios… want to have a strong ups, Currently looking for newer model launches with new features.

@scavxo 99.9% of what you’re speaking of has nothing to do with Brave. I’m not tracking what point you’re trying to get to here?

i haven’t asked you to track it and im unsure why you behave in this way

Did you read the title ? It clearly says Brave browser data loss protection measures

If you are not taking measures against power outage, then the brave browser directory located at the appdata could become corrupted

This information is shared here to discuss these solutions with other people and to see if someone has a better solution to prevent browser data corruption so that i could follow it and gain more clarity

I’m not sure what aspect of this post triggered you and Its not what you think, this post still has relevance with Brave and it has been Posted under Misc Category

Misc Category exist for a reason. Now i need to contact @Mattches via pm for help to get this post back again…

You just perform backups to keep data safe. In regards to your devices, you just do the best you can on surge protectors and all.

In regards to which surge protectors to get, what setups you should use on your devices, what Google’s AI says, or anything like that…generally should be held in other locations. Brave Community is a place for support dealing with issues relating to Brave.

Brave Community is a place for users to get help and report issues with Brave, give feedback to the team, and discuss how to make the web a better place.

You also tagged it for browser and feedback. It was neither feedback or anything to do with the browser.

Misc exists for issues that may not fit any particular predefined category. Some examples showed, such as meetups with other users.


Yes, but then I read everything you posted and realized the topic was a misnomer. Hence why I at least temporarily unlisted, debated about closing it, but then tagged and asked you what it has to do with Brave. If nothing else trying to get you to rephrase in a simpler way. Or otherwise to try to make you aware that it’s off topic and likely belongs elsewhere.

If you’d at least been able to make it seem more related to Brave, I’d have listed again. But doesn’t seem to be the case.

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@Saoiray is right — your post, as thorough as it is, is not really Brave related. I guess what you’re asking is whether or not there is a way to backup your data? And while we don’t have a way to do that through the UI at this time (this will likely be included in future releases), you can make safe copies of your User Data folder and/or export your data manually to somewhere safe.

Your post didn’t offend him, it simply isn’t really a post that belongs on this form. 99.5% of your post has to do with electrical engineering and your conversation with Bard about how to resolve/prevent your electrical/PC/hardware related issue caused by the outage. You barely mention Brave at all.

This is the most Brave related it gets really and the answer is…yes? This is like asking saying “There was a rainstorm last night, during which my roof started leaking everywhere inside. Is getting my roof repaired and my shingles replaced a good way to keep my Nike shoes dry?” Well…yes, of course it is. But you wouldn’t post that on a Nike form.

So while not losing all your power to your machine suddenly is a good way to prevent data corruption/hardware issues in general — it’s not specific to Brave.

i did discuss about Brave browser and you would have noticed it aswell(if you fully read the conversation)

Additionally, i would like to say that this topic is indeed related with brave even if you seem to deny it Because while your idea of taking backup of user data directory from time to time is good, taking the time to take the measure of never losing the data by working on safeguarding the PC ultimately will not only remove the stress of wanting to have the most recent backup all the time but it will also protect the motherboard from being damaged, Prevent bad sectors, data corruption…etc

There is no offending info has been posted or any kind of insults has been added to anyone but still i dont understand why this has been done…
Until now, Brave community has been open and allowed all kind of varieties… Now the censorship of brave has slowly started to grow and want almost all topic to be 100% accurate with brave…

This behavior is similar to people who only wants to discuss about themselves… this post could be easily just one amongst the 1000+ other posts created here but im unsure why was there a need to overthink this and act in this way… Its like you visit a brand new forum and post a thread about comparing that specific company products with other company’s products and telling them about whats missing on their product which the other company has got(features)…But instead of listening to the feedback on what a user expects to be implemented, they took the comparison as insult and feel like the other user is promoting the other company’s Product and deletes the entire thread as a result… For me, that is kind of insecure behavior as while something is really good, People are gonna buy and support it, Trying to shape an image and wanting to maintain that image publicly and caring about what other people will think wont benefit anyone in anyway

Anyway, this post could have been useful and would have added a flavor to the variety of topics and given me a opportunity to learn from others… this censorship kind of ruined the possibilities of engaging in a learning curve… Overall i can say Brave has slowly starting to appear as naive to me, not entirely but this behavior is the starting point… i thought brave was different and confident, but its slowly starting to lose its uniqueness of the iconic Lion.

This is for support. For conversations like this, you would be best off on forums for PC support and all. Or you could even go to places like Reddit and all, such as https://www.reddit.com/r/brave_browser/

Thing is, this isn’t a social networking site or anything. This is literally for anyone having direct issues with Brave that requires attention from support, developers, etc. Having those thousands of other off topic posts can make it harder to find and keep track of people who need help. Which is why they try to restrict duplicate topics or anything off topic.

You didn’t do this. You crammed a lot of junk together. For example:

  • Short circuit TRIP message on ups display
  • You’re using Windows 8.1 (which isn’t supported by Brave anyway)
  • Your bedroom wall socket is protected by pure sine wave ups.
  • You shared a forum link about how it shouldn’t be hard to make 16 amp surge protectors
  • You questioned how ups works in detecting power outages and short circuits, if devices power down, etc.
  • Then showed Bard on what to do if your PC stopped responding to mouse input
  • Asked about holding power button on PC but it didn’t turn off. Also resizing windows and your blue logo was spinning like it was busy and everything stopped responding
  • Will system write to HDD while system is about to stop responding?
  • How to know if HDD supports ACPI?
  • If Western Digital HDD supports ACPI
  • Spoke about your ROG and what happens if ups detects a short circuits

I can keep going. It’s a lot of junk that has nothing to do with Brave. You weren’t asking about Brave not performing right, how to do backups of Brave, and you weren’t asking these questions of Leo and giving feedback on Leo.

Of your 27 screenshots, only one (the one you quoted) had to do anything with Brave. And it was not anything you needed help with or were providing feedback on.

Again, main thing is there’s a time and place for everything. The topic and conversation you’re attempting to have just isn’t meant for this location. That’s all.

Stop being hot tempered

Read the message fully before you add your comments… the previous image of WRT API was the continuation of discussion

read the last two lines of my response in the previous image

You can deny all you want and create an image of perfection to justify what you have done is right, but that doesn’t change any of my points of what i just said in my previous response, what i said was true and you can do all you your best to blame the fault on me but i wouldn’t care about it…