Banned in Nepal

Since Nepal government has banned the site of Uphold and Gemini, brave browser is no longer working thanks.

What. Lol just because two websites or companies were banned, that should not stop Brave from working. At the most it will stop you from linking Brave rewards to Uphold/Gemini

So they wouldn’t be able to do anything with crypto. I’m not sure how they would see Brave since it has the potential to do those things and would come with a Wallet built in. As much as the browser still works, it might just be that it “doesn’t work for them” because of their government has basically made it illegal to use it.

What’s interesting is Nepal is still supported for Brave Rewards though. So they can still earn BAT. Challenge might just be when it comes to taking it to a custodial partner and then trying to withdraw to their bank, since the bank is saying can’t do it and could get in trouble.

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