Banned country why no brave reward at gemini?

The announcement at reddit confirmed that we, one of the countries that are on the banned list, will still get the final payment. But I don’t see it in gemini.
This is a very bad thing, we have lost faith in you :frowning:

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same issue to me. Brave is deceiving us :upside_down_face: :smirk:

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Same issue to me with gemini, i turned off ads and i hide the rewards tab !!! Seriously do we want to succeed on a browser finally. We have to be big like NETSCAPE was !!! Its not only gemini, my rewards on uphold are stuck also. So basically the reward system its not working on a EU county. So BRAVE should go to EU and ask them what’s happening here ?? Do we have freedom still on the web ???

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Raise a ticket at

I have switched to firefox focus it’s useless to use brave if your region is not supported for bat tokens.

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