Banned cause test mounthly contribution on my channel

I wanted to test adding BAT to my channel without knowing that was incorrtect and I think that I was banned
then I tried to erase the monthly contribution and I couldn’t
how can I solve this?

@steeven (20 character limit)

@ricardodn if you haven’t already you’ll need to email into

Hi Steeven. I could erase the mountly contribution and I’ve noticed that you posted a topic about the general reward Issue
I think that was the inconvenient
Now I have another issue in one of my channel of brave creators

show me a message of configuration that not allowing to users to send me tips


@steeven All who are banned from the brave creators, can no longer be part of the brave creators?

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@SHUTDOWN sometimes the ansewr have so much delay. I hope @steeven can be able soon cause I know is busy

I started using Brave Browser because I saw a video on facebook and how to earn the BAT Token, and some things that were in the were videos was illegal and I did not know…

(It was in this video that I discovered the existence of the Brave Browser)

@SHUTDOWN a ver… creo que vamos a entendernos mejor.
Brave permite ganar BAT solo con navegar. tienes q tener una billetera como uphold o gemini verificada para empezar a recibirlos.
En este post estoy tratando de resolver un asunto de posible baneo de mi cuenta
tu aun puedes pertenecer al programa de creadores desde aqui

informate bien con algun tutorial actualizado

I’ve been using the breve for a long time, it’s also been a long time since I was banned from Brave Creators…

I sent it to myself because that’s how I learned I didn’t know I could connect the wallet to Brave Browser…

I hope your problem is resolved quickly.

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