I can log in, but can’t navigate the site successfully. I contacted the bank’s support, and they told me they didn’t know anything about BRAVE. They said changes were made when there seemed to be “overall” support for them.If time allows, I hope the developers will contact them.

I’m using OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan, and Brave version 0.12.15.


Do you have to be logged in to reproduce?

If not, please share the steps to reproduce and we’ll try to get it fixed for you.

If so, we don’t have an account, so we could use some help troubleshooting if you don’t mind.
Could you try disabling shields from the lion icon?
If that works, could you try to check further and see which shield is causing the problem by trying each of the toggles?



This issue was resolved by “Allowing All Cookies.” Naturally, I would
prefer not to have to do that. Thank you for your quick responses.


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