Bangs should be optional

Description of the issue:
I looked up a song which title starts with “yo!”. yo! is apparently also the Bang (direct shortcut to a website search engine) for a Chicago real estate website. Needless to say I was quite surprise to see the website popup and thought it was a bug or virus.

Bangs should be deactivable in the Settings, or even opt-in. Since there is no onboarding, most users don’t know about them anyway.

Operating System:

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I agree.
Also default should be - !yo can be a bang but yo! shouldn’t be a bang

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List of Bangs and how to use them should also be added to


I hope developers reading this

All the bangs from DDG should be copied exactly this way we do not have to learn a different set of bangs for each search engine

There should be a list of available bangs updated regularly with DDGs

bangs should come first not after the search query

there should be a “!” bang that auto directs you to the top search result. ex. "Disney ! "

I hope not, the bangs from DDG looks a bit like a mess. If BS copies these it would probably be hard to change to something saner later on. A better approach would be to copy the ones that makes sense and rewrite the rest (perhaps with the DDG bangs as aliases).

A prime example is the following bangs copied from

Google Translate (Czech to English) !c2e
Google translate En to Fa !en2fa
Google Translate de-hu !dehu
Google Translate to Japanese !gtjp
Detect language to traditional Chinese !gtzh-TW
Google Translate to Spanish !tes

Something like this would make more sense:

Google Translate (Czech to English) !gcz2en
Google Translate (Enlish to Farsi) !gen2fa
Google Translate (German to Hungarian) !gde2hu
Google Translate (Detect language to Japanese) !g2jp
Google Translate (Detect language to traditional Chinese) !g2zh-TW
Google Translate (Detect language to Spanish) !g2es


Well these are more deep and complex ones but things are already confusing as brave search uses “!d” to search DDG meanwhile !d on DDG takes you to the dictionary.

I think !ddg should be for duckduckgo. A standard is in the best interest of everyone. It will be irritating to !yt on DDG to take you to YouTube and BraveSearch takes you to York News Times