Banano Vault (Banano Wallet) not working with BRAVE anymore

Description of the issue:
The BANANO VAULT - which is a Banano wallet - cannot generate a proof of work in latest version of BRAVE (I am using latest version) … the loading time is endless … I do not know what is the issue here.
It works when using a different browser!
I have already used the BANANO VAULT perfectly in older versions of Brave - why does it not work anymore? :frowning:

How can this issue be reproduced?

I am using version 1.29.81

  1. go to and go into your wallet there - if you have none, try generate a new one
  2. try to send some BAN from your adress or perform any other action, such as trying to receive BAN
    (best practice: get two adresses and send in between the two … BAN can be obtained from faucet or, if necessary, drop me a line here, maybe I can send you some (via Firefox :frowning_face: )
  3. confirm and click on send - the message “generating fproof of work” should appear at the bottom
  4. wait endlessly…

Expected result:

the “Loading” will continue forever and the transaction will not go through because of failing (not executing) POW

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:
willing to answer any additional questions…