Ban Extension Why?

How can an extension get Ban?

Had this neat extension for my favorites, got it all setup and was happy. BAM some iidiot @ Brave decided to Ban it, giving no reason, now weeks of work to set it up gone down the toilet. W T F
and to top it off, now Cliqz bites the dust. Time to go back to Safari, I guess

Given the extension store is through Google, its their decision. Brave has no impact on what extensions are/are not banned here @Dakoda


What Google has to do with Brave trashing my already downloaded extension is beyond me, but no problem was able to recover it from a backup, take a picture of my setup, and setup Safari, a pain, but will live and only use brave rarely now. Now if I could only get rid of that s t u p i d message I get while using Cliqz. :slight_smile:

yes, that’s the message I keep getting.

Brave: We are much better than Chrome!

Also Brave: This is acceptable. It’s Chrome’s fault and we just inherited it lmao

Why don’t you guys make your own extension store like Opera? A Brave App Store.

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I believe it is because brave already feels everything out of the box is already perfect to not need extensions. I cannot find the post but @Mattches was the one that wrote a detailed post about it, amongst other admins I am sure of too. That being said brave is not against extensions, but does caution that they are maintained by sources that can be compromised so proceed with caution. IDK if this even remotely answered the question and I am sorry but perhaps one day in the future they will too make their own extensions similar to Opera? I have never used Opera and I am also not an extension kind of person either so theres that… sorry.

To explain what happened, started Brave and got message that the extension (Named it, 20 char of letter nonsense) and then or before Brave deleted the extension. So who Ban it does not matter, for Brave complied. The extension made Brave like Safari with 24 favorites, just more convenient. I recovered from backup, so future updates are a no no, but pretty much stopped using. Now Safari and the no longer supported Cliqz

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Anyone who thinks the browser is good enough without extensions does not understand the Web. Extensions are fundamental. Without them, we’ll always need native applications.

If the extension you want to continue using is still maintained, you can just grab it from their site and install it directly (you need to enable Developer Mode in the Extensions Menu, then you can install extensions from disk). You should probably understand why it was banned before you proceed though, as your browser will trust anything you install manually.

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