Balance on Not Showing Up in Uphold

As reported elsewhere but I do not see a solution posted. My browser balance is not being automatically transferred to my verified Uphold account. It was working fine with monthly payments issued up to and including May. Since then nothing. I am on Ubuntu 20.04 and Brave [Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)].

I upgraded Ubuntu from 18.04 in May so maybe this is the issue?

Hi @rhubarbsugar - thanks for reporting. When did you verify your wallet with Uphold?

Back in April. Automatic payments were made for a couple of months but nothing in June or July.


Note that your Brave version is very old. Make sure you have a backup of your data and rewards Recovery Key. Take a screen shoot of your rewards internals, may not be a bad idea before updating.
You may loose things in the update process.

Hi. Running a version check on the current Brave install package I get the response:
brave-browser is already the newest version (1.8.96).


I am not sure what you are using for a version check but it is not correct. If you click on the link I provided, it shows what the current version is - Desktop V1.11.104. Use Ubuntu’s Software Updater to update to the correct version. Be mindful that it can update other things. And again, backup before you do.

Ok upgraded to newest version. So far so good!

Ok I guess I’ll wait it out a while and see if that fixes the payout issue. Thanks kevers05 for pointing out and helping with my version control!

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