Balance on mobile device has disappeared

My balance has disappeared. Browser was showing no BAT and would not let me verify wallet. As an attempt to fix this I reinstalled app and now able to verify wallet again, but still have lost balance.

@krvmer Correct, you threw away all your BAT when you reinstalled it. What you did was like throwing a wallet with money into the trash can only to replace it with an empty wallet. The reason why a verified wallet is important is it’s like a bank account. So all money is kept in the bank, so even if the wallet is lost you will still have your money.

At this time, you will not have a way to recover any of your prior BAT. What I will suggest is if you can try to check our FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as it discusses some of this as well as other key topics you may want to know as you use Brave.

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What a trash system. There shouldn’t be any VAT amount to verify a wallet if Uphold is following KYC and one has an account, I already have another wallet with them and I should just be able to log in. I’ll be recommending everyone not use this coin from now on. Had the same problem with this.

You can do that.
If you already have a verified uphold account, login with the same. You don’t need to have 2 bats to create a verified account.

Until the app just decides that the “verify wallet” button won’t work anymore or uphold just disconnects your wallet because “hey we have a tech full of bugs so screw you I guess lol”

We don’t tolerate this from a bank we shouldn’t tolerate this from this system. I only lost 30 bucks but others seem to have lost more. This is just keeping regular peeps off de-fi.

Can you please explain me in detail? I’m not able to get you.

It’s not letting me verify my uphold account on my phone only but the computer and my tablet are still connected to the wallet I’m not sure why it won’t let me verify keeps on saying the air has occurred up at the top of the screen also it’s saying that my estimated bet rewards in February is only two bat when I average way more than that so I’m not sure why the numbers are being manipulated in my wallets being disconnected from getting anything will they still accumulate even though there’s no wallet that I can’t connect to it I need to fix for this and quick

If you have an uphold app installed in your mobile, please delete it and then try. It will redirect you to the uphold website and you can login there.
I hope this helps

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