Balance not transferred when restoring

Reward Balance not transferred when restoring wallet
Restore wallet with pass phrase

Have been using Brave on my laptop for well over a year now. Went to restore the wallet on my PC, it told me successfully restored and to “claim rewards”. I claimed rewards and it only gave me 2 BAT which is far less than 1% of balance. What went wrong?

Expected result: Full balance to transfer

v 1.21.77

let’s hope @Mattches @fanboynz @sampson @Aa-ron take a look a this

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Can you please send @steeven a DM here on Community with the following information?

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

I will also ping him and ensure that he is on the lookout for your message.

Is this wallet ID that would need to be sent from the one in my PC or the one on my Laptop?

Sorry I should have specified – both would be great, if possible.

Thanks. I sent him a message last night. Waiting to hear back still. On the bright side, I’m back at my Laptop now and atleast my correct balance is still reflected there. Now just to figure out how to get it restored “properly”.

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Is there anyone else who can assist? I still have not heard back yet.

Is anyone on the support team going to be able to help? Not trying to be impatient, but the lack of response this far into my support request (6 days) is hurting my faith in this project for the long term…

All of the support is much appreciated!!! Not even one acknowledgment from any of the team members via PM! Very disappointing…

To anyone researching this project, run far away! Support is completely non-existent. If a simple task can not be resolved like mine, imagine what will happen when a real wrench gets thrown in this project?

Hi @Mearntain, have you seen this post? It was pinned globally about an hour ago. Maybe it could help you, or answer some of your questions…

I appreciate it, but my payouts are not where the issue is. I’m about to be changing jobs and will be losing access to my laptop/brave wallet as a result. I have tried restoring the wallet to my home PC but balance does not transfer, it only gave me 2BAT instead or several hundred BAT.

I understand, @Mearntain, do you have a verified Uphold wallet to transfer your work device’s BAT balance to? Or are you speaking about estimated pending BAT?

The wallets on different devices don’t sync. You can have up to 4 wallets/ devices linked to your Uphold account.

(If you’re a Creator you can also choose the Gemini wallet - other users must wait for its implementation, though. With Gemini, there is no limit [or more allowance] than with uphold.)

*EDIT, I apologise that I missed a few posts in your thread… I see @steeven and @Mattches have been around here, have they said anything more on this? Perhaps they will reach out to you soon…

No not pending rewards, its accumulated rewards from using the browser for the past 1.5 or 2 years. I also do have a verified uphold account.

@Mattches is the only one to “reply” via the thread. I sent a PM per his request to @steeven, but it’s been 3 weeks and I still haven’t got a response from him. It showed me he “read” the message within the first day, but never sent me a reply back…not even a “hey, I’m busy, ill get back to you asap” or anything.

I would try once more with a DM using that second part of the pinned post…

…providing all they request and all your details, even if you feel like a broken record, all of it again.
You have a legitimate concern and a time-sensitive issue, I think anyone could appreciate you reaching out by any means necessary :slight_smile:

And bump this thread to keep it seen, every day or two.

Edit… You can do this with your DM, too - don’t send new ones because they could get buried or appear as spam. Find the DM in your ‘Sent’ messages, and just edit it with the info/ bump it with a “Hey, any news on my issue?

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Hi @Mearntain, apologies. For some reason I’m not seeing a DM from you. I’ve just sent you one.


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