Balance not transferred to uphold

Hello @steeven , My bats are still not transferred, each time it asks me for an update of brave during the time of payment, I update bat and a few hours after the connection uphold sends a notification that there is a problem. I disconnect my account and I reconnect, I have no more problem on the connection uphold but my bats are still not transferred, I have already sent you a complaint but you have closed the ticket without it being resolved.

Please DM the email linked to your account.

Please sir take a look on my problem I already dm you

please check your message box i already send you my wallet id

@steeven, I also sent you a DM. I’d appreciate your help.

I dmed you for same issue and you ignored me

@LIVAH the referral program ended over 1 year ago.

@Yunghxul please send the information requested.