Balance in the Brave doesn’t transfer to Uphold

[Balance in the Brave doesn’t transfer to Uphold] I hv asked 3 times and received not 1 answer. Only part of the balance has transferred. Any help?

i have the same problem. there is no help .

How much balance did you have? How much got transferred?

almost exactly half got transferred.

We’re seeing this a lot recently, and it’s actually because users had a glitched display that showed more BAT than they actually had. When you verify your wallet (or update to v1.11.x), that number readjusts to its actual value.

Perhaps you were an exception, but this “extra BAT” started to appear in February/March. (See if you can remember any unexpectedly high payout around that time.) It was due to the following issue:

In short, we did not have a “unique” constraint in the internal database, so you could have “duplicated” BAT tokens.

I hv updated and the balance is not reconciled between the 2. There is no unusual activity in february and march february is about 7 dollars and march is 0, no idea?

Absolutely no BAT was ever transfered to uphold and I thought I needed to create a local wallet in the browser. There is no way to link the rewards and the local wallet… and they are in the same browser. Questions:

  1. Do I have to use uphold or can I ignore that and just use the local wallet?
  2. How do I link them both? Nothing I do helps with that.

Thank you

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