Balance freezed since 10 days

i have a problem with my account since 3 months now
sometimes balabce get freezed for days then ut shew up total of couple days confirmed download rewards all together
but on june 30 usd was missing and still missing till this month
now it’s freezed for other 10 days and the balance is freezed showing next payment 8 sep @eljuno

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Can you elaborate more? I’m not entirely understand your issue.

my balance sometimes stops recording or credicting new confirmed downloads
i get confirmed downloads but i see no movement on balance for days
it happens sometimes but that’s fine as long as the balance will be right getting paid perfectly as my confirmed downloads
but in june i got 30 usd missing from balance when you look to confirmed downloads total and my balance around 30 usd is missing i send my email to steeven but the problem stills till today the balance still incomplete
i sent again on july the same nothing changed
now auguest my balance is freezed again since 10 days
so my balance still missing and not right
can i ask for a manual review for my account?

cc @steeven @Mattches for assistance here

A few days ago I had some confirmed downloads but the balance in bat has not been credited to my BRAVE account, many days have passed and the problem persists, do you know what could be happening? @steeven

Hi @southpole - this should be resolved later today.

hi @steeven , i dm you. Have you checked my account ?

@agiraldie - can you DM me your specifics. Thanks.

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