Bad News For Myself

So, I unfortunately have very bad news. I have about over $9 worth of BAT and I discovered there is no way for me to withdraw them to my Paypal/Bank. I have talked to Uphold’s Support team and they said that they dont know about supporting South Africa to withdraw my earnings. Coinbase was a nightmare for Payment Methods and it wont let me add a Payment Method, even though my country is supported, to cash out my earnings. I am filled with sadness that this had to happen to me. The BAT Tokens are now there in my account with no way of Withdrawing them. If anyone has any alternatives then feel free to reply. :frowning:


Hey @MisterTeeXD, sorry to hear that!

Unfortunately, Uphold verification is required in order to withdraw BAT out of the system. :frowning:

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Hello @Asad Heres the thing, my Uphold is verified. I can payout my BAT Tokens to Uphold but I cannot withdraw them to my Bank/Paypal. So I cannot earn any money from BAT Tokens.

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BAT grants can never be withdrawn from the system, FYI. They can only be used to tip verified creators.

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Hello there. My apologies for not clarifying my situation. The BAT Tokens I am trying to withdraw are not from grants. They are from Ads that I have watched. Those are the Type Of BAT Tokens I want to cash out and not the Grants’ type.

I am still waiting on another way to withdraw my Tokens from watching ads

Have you consider using Revolut?

Can I also try it in South Africa since thats where I am from?

Yep, Revolut is a no go. It does not support my country. Please help me out of this

Well, its with a sad heart to say that I am now unable to earn any money from These Tokens I get from ads. I have to turn off my Brave Rewards and Ads. I am sorry that I have to recieve this bad news :’(

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