Bad grammer on help screen

As I open the Bug Report page… I find that there are so many grammatical errors in the text.
Those who are responsible for writing these pages in Brave should go thru the entire website with an “English” grammar checker. The text sounds like someone from a foreign “possibly Chinese” country wrote the paragraphs. They are also “run-on” sentences. That means they are to long… and have more than one idea or topic in the same sentence. The text sounds very unprofessional.

I would be willing to go thru the entire website to check it and make suggestions for changes… provided someone supplyed me with the website in its entirety on a disk… or download. This might be quite time consuming… and would require some remuneration of some kind.

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The Help Center link is what landed you there, I imagine, especially since the thread is set as “unlisted” here in Community (meaning that you cannot find it listed anywhere on the site – it must be landed on via link).

I’ve now changed the link to point to a more up to date article on reporting bugs.

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Bad grammer on help screen

grammar vs grammer

supplied vs supplyed


Dear better-than-thou;

This was a quick message… you are one to talk… I have gone thru your website… and it sounds like a Chinese person wrote it. Very bad English Grammar and sentence structure. The fact that you caught a couple of my grammatical mistakes indicates that I write phonetically when writing an email to someone… but when checking for grammar… I use many tools which I do not when I am writing quick notes. Which you obviously do not. Get off your better than thou attitude… I could care less how you look… but I sent this in to you and made an offer for your benefit… not mine.

If you choose to look amateurish… its your choice. I couldn’t care less. It was a simple offer. Often it takes many people to go thru text to find all mistakes, as one person alone cannot find their own mistakes because they have trained themselves that the words they use are correct, even though there not. Which seems to be your case. Usually I only use a spelling checker for personal messages… which it misses words that have double meanings or double spellings.

Regards, Leslie

Hi Leslie,

Please note that I am not connected to Brave in any way.

I am just a new Brave Browser user that joined the community to solve a problem.

I came across your post and felt compelled to point out that we are humans, we make mistakes and no one is perfect.