Bad German PlayStore title

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Dear Support Team,

I am one of the German translators of Brave.
The other day I stumbled across the Google PlayStore page of the mobile Brave browser and I was shocked when I saw the title.
It appears to be just a word by word translation of the English title.

Privat Mobile Web Browser Brave: Schnell, sicher

Where “Privat” and “Mobile” don’t even make any sense in this context.

The following line is even worse:

Privat Suchmaschine! Kostenloser mobile web browser mit Werbeblocker.

Which basically translates to:

Privately search engine! Free (non-existent-word) web browser with Adblocker.

Also, having a spying eye as the first descriptive image may not be the best idea for a browser that claims to protect one’s privacy.

The rest of the page is pretty well written though, so it appears that the two parts were composed by two different people, one of which was probably Google Translate.

I think I would replace the title with something like

Brave Browser: Schnell. Sicher. Privat.

The sub-title could simply be removed, because the line that it’s followed by says the same thing in better words.


Hey @Zuzu_Typ, thanks for catching this :slight_smile: We’ll get this changed!

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