Backup/Restore seed phrase on Android

How can I backup the seed phrase on android?

I need to replace my device, but (since there are only 4 slots available on gemini and uphold) I have no more slots available on exchanges affiliated with brave. I’m in danger of being cut off from the rewards system.

Among other things, I noticed that even on windows the seed phrase backup is no longer available. At the moment it is only possible to restore.

Could you please provide more information on this issue? Thank you in advance.

You can’t transfer your Wallet info using a seed phrase.

But there is one way, but this will need a mod’s assistance. First go and DM @Mattches and send him the screenshot of brave://rewards-internals/ and send him the “Wallet payment ID”.
[Take the screenshot from your phone and not your pc]

And then ask him to remove that Wallet from your Uphold Account and give him any additional info if he needs it.

Then just hope and wait for his reply.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I still don’t understand one thing though. Are the moderators able to track how many and which profiles have been verified on uphold/gemini?

No, they can’t see our devices, or else they would have been able to remove all our unused devices easily.

They can only remove the devices if we provide them the Wallet IDs.

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