Backup Brave Wallet feature

Yes, it’s most needed. I have faced this issue, I have 23.8 bat in my old phone ,just 1.2 to verify with uphold. But unfortunately my phone damaged and no longer. So I lost my phone and bat too. Must need recover option


Hi I know how to backup BAT without backup button but send me PM if you are interested because I think they will take away even my method :wink:
Only windows maybe MAC

I use this method for my temporary solution. I tested on my Linux Ubuntu after reinstalling it. But your Brave version maybe must same with your crashed Brave browser.

See also:


Marco, you seem to be well informed about how the Brave Wallet functions. I agree with most of your previous comments. However, what would you suggest for people with below problem?

I have 3 Brave Wallet on Windows Browser verified to Uphold. I have 1 Brave Wallet on Android Browser verified to Uphold. A total of 4 Brave Wallets verified to Uphold.

For a reason, I had to delete and reinstall Android Brave Browser. So now, I have 1 additional Android Brave Wallet that is waiting to be verified with Uphold (I have not yet accumulated 25 BAT). The problem is that there is a lifetime limit of 4 wallets that can be verified with Uphold. All additional wallets verified with Uphold will not be credited (There is no way to delete existing wallet and only first 4 wallets are credited).

So even if I accumulate 25 BAT with my new Android Brave Wallet, and verify with Uphold, the 5th Wallet will never be credited. Also, this will affect all additional
future Wallets that gets added for whatever reason (reinstall, new device, etc.).

Do you have any recommendations?


@2than, you’re correct. That IS an issue.

Here, people wasted energy supporting a feature that’s already there. I just had to “defend” Brave and “intervene” with facts. I’m an early adopter, and wallet backup (manual) is quite an old feature that only got “even better” with Uphold linking (that was added at a later point.)

I agree :handshake::raised_hand::+1: with you and will say that loud: Uphold’s device/wallet LIMIT and INFLEXIBILITY (to manage them easily: delete/swap) - sucks.Quotas” are too 1990ish. They remind me of a UNIX terminal disk quotas & that’s even pre-'90s ;-Þ

We live in a multi-device era. Every household has ( and I’m conservative here! - at least: ) 5+ “Brave - capable”, internet-based devices.
On top of that, Brave has 3 release channels (Stable, Beta, Nightly)
= ONLY ONE device is (almost.) enough to reach Uphold’s quota. ;-( I run all 3 releases on my single Android :iphone:, to make sure I track the changes. (…or when I need a plethora of tabs open.) Sadly, due to the quotas, I connected just Stable, leaving slots free for my PC, laptop… :pensive:

Solution? Brave team needs to reach out to the Uphold and get a better solution for us all. I’m sure I’m not the only user who’s first and primary cryptocurrency is a BAT.

CC-ing those awesome folks from Brave :crown: @Mattches, @rossmoody, @Aa-ron & @alex & :crown: @steeven as they’re the proper address for: “Uphold’s device/wallet limits/quotas” :heart:

Hopefully(!), they’ll react. And tell us “official standpoint” on that.


Any news on this? We need this feature if Brave really is about privacy let us (users) have our backup options other than Uphold. I don’t want to deal with Uphold so I’ll hold my BAT until a better option comes.

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Forget about it. Staff doesn’t even bother to have a look into this thread.

Suffer with Uphold.


I read somewhere they’re working on it and may implement Backup or Sync Rewards features on Sync V2.

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Yea I read that on Reddit someone from Brave said that but I don’t remember who


That page is where we used to be able to retrieve our wallet key, which could be later be entered in the restore tab on another computer. There is no way to get that key now.

Tangentially related, the removal of that feature is an example of why I’m wholly opposed to forced automatic updates.

I think they should add an easy to use interface to export and manually restore backups , like they used to have for windows.
In the meantime, i request you to go to chrome://rewards-internals and take a screenshot of the general info page. This data can be user to restore your wallet if you lose it. The process will require sharing this data to brave moderators here.

The process is far from ideal and requires you to share data(ironic for a privacy centric browser). It seems like a feature in beta. They should replace it with something better.

They should sync all earnings across all devices and unify the walllets. Additionally, if i have verified one wallet, then all of them should be allowed to verify irrespective of their individual balances. These features should be included in sync V2

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@divyansh101dabral, I had the wallet of my main pc verified before creating my sync chain, after I created it I could also verify the wallet of may second pc without the 25 bat minimum

Yes i know that PCs can be verified without the 25 BAT condition , by creating an uphold account seperately and signing into it. I just wish they could give that feature to android. Or at least make a system that once a single android is verified with 25 bat, all others connected to sync chain also verify. Additionally I’ll like to share, that you dont need to add a pc to sync chain for verifying, it can be on a seperate sync chain. It only needs to be connected to the same uphold account.

It doesn’t lead to an account ban. I have seen moderators say that it doesn’t lead to a ban . Tipping is anonymous and brave won’t know who is donating to whom. Brave is a privacy centric browser and almost all functions are done on the device. Nothing major is stored on their servers.

I sent in for wallet verification over a year ago. Opened a ticket with Uphold on this issue 3 months ago and I’ve gotten no response. My computer is going to be wiped tomorrow, and because of this feature being removed, I’m going to lose over 350 BAT.

Removing this backup feature seems very shortsighted, and I’m sure there are countless more stories like my own, which seem to be blatantly ignored.

I love the browser, but if this is the direction they’re taking the rewards, I’m all set.

I am using android phone. I uninstalled brave unknowingly. After reinstall I have lost my bat again. Is here any backup option to recover that. This is the second time I lost my bat tokens this way. Let me know if the option available in brave

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This feature should be returned. With uphold being able to freeze accounts if you are not in the US, if your country happens to be temporarily not allowed (or with worse luck, if laws happen to get in the way, permanently), you won’t be able to interact with your funds. You won’t be able to back them up to begin with if you are just signing up and your country is temporarily listed as not supported.

Uphold is NOT RELIABLE. Having users to backup at their own needs at anytime via the browser itself is a godsend. Why was this disabled anyway? I’ve lurked around and saw a user on reddit that’s a part of the BAT team and said this was an issue and everyone’s looking into it.

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So sad to know that. The recover option only for windows

please add this feature