Backup and synchronization via an email or other account


currently using google chrome

I am interested in brave but I lack the backup of parameters and favorites etc on email address or other account as chrome firefox and vivaldi already do

this function facilitates the restoration in case of problem on the operating system where the browser is installed

I just miss this function to be able to migrate to brave

thank you in advance

It seems to me that this feature will be implemented later.

thank you for the answer I will follow the next update closely

If it’s ever done, it won’t be any time soon. From my understanding, we’re not going to have that type of sync. It’s something I’ll inquire more on and try to post within the week. I’m just pretty certain they said it’s a security/safety thing on why they don’t want to create accounts.

Good evening

is there any news about backing up via email and such
because since Saoiray’s last post in August, nothing