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After using Brave for a little while my main gripes would be that the Backspace key doesn’t work (to go ‘back’) and I can’t see a way to print or save to PDF. I realise that printing doesn’t work at all at the moment, but a PDF output option would be great.

When Chrome pulled the backspace functionality it was ‘fixed’ almost immediately by an extension.

Is their any way a user can add Chrome extensions to Brave?

On a positive note the speed is a great plus. The items above would prevent it from becoming my default browser.


Very interesting, I’ve never been a user of the backspace shortcut and so I hadn’t even realized it wasn’t present in Brave. This seems like something that doesn’t even require an extension, and instead sounds like a simple toggle in the “Tabs” section of settings to me. Any thoughts on this @alex?

As for installing extensions for the time being, I have created a small java program that let’s you swap Brave extensions with Chrome Extensions (which is the best we can do currently). So go to your extensions and install something you won’t use on Brave. Then use my program and select the Chrome extension to be switched with that Brave extension

If you find any problems with any of the extensions you install via this method please report it on this forum as it will help the team onboard new extensions faster by outsourcing the testing to us!


@evarb @Chugwig, backspace function to go back was removed long time ago IIRC.

But there’s an issue logged to have this as an option here


Great, but what do I do with the .jar file?


If you’re running Windows 10 with Java installed correctly you should just double click it. Otherwise there’s a few options, some of which I may not know as I don’t use Apple computers. The easiest would be to launch terminal and:

java -jar .\BraveExtension.jar

In case that doesn’t work and you start trying to do weird things, my main class is always named Main so go crazy. The above should work pretty reliably though. The gui will guide you through the rest, it was quickly made as I’m not a fan of the GUI API in Java so I apologize for that.

The left side is for Chrome and the right side is for Brave. If there’s any improvements you’d like let me know, if it’s useful it may be worth redesigning the GUI.

Unfortunately (for my little program at least) Brave is moving to Chromium full stop soon and so we’ll hopefully see better extension loading, and verification.


I use Windows 8.1.

I thought that Brave might open it.

If Brave is a still a sort of Beta-product then maybe I should wait until it is ready for end-users.


That’s not a bad choice for full switch, but you may still want to give Brave a try so you can see the great benefits. Even if it’s just for watching youtube the experience is completely different!


Yes I just found that tabs hang as well. I had a tab open on Tripadvisor and it wouldn’t let me gain focus again on the tab unless I stopped and started Brave.

All the best with development and testing.

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