Backlog Milestone?


What does it mean for a feature to be added here?

How often does this get reviewed?

What is the average time to implementation?



tldr/straight talk; It’s gonna be a while unless you want to become a contributor. :slight_smile:

“When will you get X done?” is one of the most common questions to ask, and reasonably so.
You’d like to know how long you have to wait until your specific issue is fixed, and everyone can empathize.

When it comes to the backlog, it means it’s going to be a while. The primary considerations are frequency and impact. If an issue happens A LOT and every user is going to see it, but it is low impact, we might fix it sooner to alleviate support requests. If an issue happens rarely, but is catastrophic (like deleting bookmarks) we’re more likely to fix that. If an issue is cosmetic and very subjective (like button placement) it’s very unlikely it will change.

Even if an issue is moved into a nearer milestone, it can be bumped out if other issues take up more time and are higher priority. We like to release with a fairly regular cadence and beta-mode (which we are in now, is pretty fast).

The good news about this is that we are open source ( so if anyone wants to start hacking on a solution for any of our products, we’re very receptive. We’ve already had some awesome contributions from folks who wanted to pitch in and fix up some things that were bothering them.

So I can’t give you an ETA on any issue. We do product meetings twice a week and groom issues, but from here to 1.0 our plate is pretty full. Deeper backlog grooming will take place after we get 1.0 and inevitable fixes out, but there’s about 1,800 issues open right now and less than 20 people working full time

I know that’s not the kinda news anyone likes to hear, but I figured it’s better to talk straight and give you a clear picture of what’s on the immediate horizon for us.

We would totally appreciate any help you or any of our community members would be willing to provide. Whether that is research into a feature & design, testing the latest builds, or developing the latest features and fixing bugs.

Hope that helps clear things up and if you’re interested in pitching in, let me know!


Straight talk is always welcome. The thoroughness of your reply is also great.

I am very familiar with dev methodologies and the PM process. I was just trying to get a feel for cycle times – how often the backlog items come up for consideration.

I’ve been in management for decades so I wouldn’t be much help to you… :slight_smile:


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