Backing up BAT Rewards

I need to replace my SSD drive, how do I back up my BATs? I do not have enough to transfer to an Uphold wallet so is there away to back up and restore this data?

I am currently running on PC using Windows 10 Home.

There is currently no way to create backups. The only thing possible is to create an uphold account and link it to the pc. The pc can be linked to a pre-existing uphold account without the 25 BAT threshold. Ive done it ,its possible.

Thanks divyansh101dabral!

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You can make a backup of the user data in Windows and restore it to your new drive. Search on this forum to find out how.

If you’re talking about seed phrase backup, that function has been removed long ago.
If there’s a new way to backup, pls do let me know.

I am not talking about using a seed phrase. You can transfer all the data for a user from one PC to another by copying the appropriate folder(s) from the original PC to the new PC. I have no desire to become the tech support for this so I will not give more information, but it has been discussed on this community more than once in the past. If you have enough IT skills to do this you will also have enough IT skills to use the search function to find it.

Thanks, i got what you’re talking about

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