Background fail

Device: Poco X6 Pro
Android Version: 14?

Background playback stops randomly anywhere from 5 mins in and when checking why, the webpage is refreshing itself, After refresh it often does not correctly remember what point in the video was reached.

Just upgraded from a Poco X3 Pro which didn’t do this.

Thank you for reaching out.
On my end I’m not seeing this behavior, using my Samsung Galaxy S22+ — background play seems to work as expected.

It may be an issue with the OS/device you’re using. I’m going to see if anyone on our team has a similar device or emulator they can use to test.

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Thanks for the swift response and for asking around.

Edit to add: tried the odysee app with similar results.

I noticed that it stops after 30 mins the first time each day, thinking it might be battery saver related so I have disabled that and will report back.

Switching off all battery saver for the apps didn’t help.

EDIT: Having other random playback issues even with local files through VLC player. Thinking it’s some issue with this device.

Apologies that this thread slipped through the cracks.
That said, during this time I have not seen any other reports of this issue occurring. It’s possible that it’s to do with the device. Are you updated to the latest browser build and still seeing this issue?

No problem, yes brave is up to date.

I have been downloading the videos to avoid the browser refresh issue and for the most part that works fine, but on rare occasions the playback in VLC will just stop (screen black/no audio) despite it appearing to be still playing (timer still running). I think the download is being corrupted somehow.

I’ll ask again internally to see if anyone has been able to reproduce.