Backed up BTC wallet, can't import to BAT wallet


Windows 10 64 bit, I had Brave at first with the Bitcoin wallet, and I backed up my wallet and uninstalled. When I reinstalled (new version 0.19.122) things have been changed over to BAT, and my backup keys are rejected.

Recovery Failed - Please re-enter keys or try different keys

Is there any way to get this back at all? With the explosion of the bitcoin price, there’s enough there that it would be worth getting back (at least it’s worth it to me).

Thank you.


Hi @mainethor

We have two options. One, you can private message me your first recovery key and I can ask a teammate to review your balance on the server. Second, you can uninstall the current version (I’ll provide instructions), download 0.18.36 (I can provide a link to our github repo where this is found), you would then restore your wallet using the keys you have and update to the latest version.



Hey, I have the same problem. Got two recovery keys, doesnt match the new format. Tried downloading the v0.18.36 release and restoring them there but the wallet says 0 USD recovered and transferred etc.

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