Back gesture closes new tab and returns to spawning/parent tab

I often use Safari for browsing on iOS. I have the Reddit preference to open links in new tabs enabled. Any time I click a link from Reddit it opens in a new focused tab. When I use the back gesture on this new tab it will close and return me to the spawning tab. This spawned/parent tab is remembered for each tab even if I switch to another tab or leave the browser temporarily. This makes it really nice to browse Reddit and view links without having to lose my place or reload the original Reddit page as the links and order will be different each time.

Desired Behavior:

  1. Click a link on a page which opens in a new tab.
  2. Finish reading the new tab and swipe from left side to go back to previous page.
  3. The new tab closes and I am taken back to the page that originally spawned the new tab.

Current Behavior:
1 and 2 as above.
3. Back gesture is not recognized.

Currently this is supported in Safari for iOS (and has been for at least a few years) but I have not seen it supported in any other browsers. This is currently the one single feature preventing me from switching to Brave as my primary browser on iOS.

This appears to be the same request but with fewer details.