Back button inconsistently not functional after browser update restart




Steps to Reproduce

  1. Click “Update” when Brave browser prompts you to update after a new release
  2. Open at least 10 new tabs, visit your favorite websites on them for a couple hours
  3. Back button functionality will disappear

Actual result:

Expected result:
Back button should work after visiting a new page in the same tab

Reproduces how often:
10% of the time (1 in 10 times of Brave usage will I encounter this issue)

Brave Version

about:brave info:
about:brave doesn’t provide any info. Not sure how to make this easier for you all :confused:
For context: I hit the Update button for the Feb 15, 2018 update at around 11am

Reproducible on current live release:

Additional Information


22%20PM I reported this problem yesterday as well with the accompanying screenshot. I tried to take one just now of a browser window with the problem and noticed that as I closed out tabs, around 10 or so, the UI control reappeared.


Hi @ifearcompilererrors and @futuretomorrow

We have an issue logged for this: which I believe is also related to your about:brave page not showing any details. This second issue is logged here:

It’s been reported that a restart of Brave clears these issues up temporarily, but I’m going to add your +1s to both issues. Thanks for reporting!




Same issue here and I notice when it happens I usually am unable to open links with new tabs, trying both right clicking on the link or using the keyboard shortcut.


Thanks for the additional info @infecto! I’ve added this to the logged issue.


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