Back button in Brave Search Images has wrong behavior

Using the back button on an Android phone in Google Images after you clicked/enlarged an image takes you back to the images thumbnails, which is logical.

In the case of Brave Search images, the back button doesn’t take you back to the images, but to the textual search results instead, which is unexpected.

Here is how to replicate (in my case on a Pixel 4 XL running Android 13 and Brave browser 1.59.117):

  • Search for anything in Brave Search (in my case, directly from the address bar)
  • Then, click “Images”
  • Click on any image to enlarge it
  • Click the Back button at the bottom of the phone
  • You are not taken back to the images, but to the textual search results, which is the equivalent of 2 steps back instead of just one.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I agree and I will forward this information to the Search team for review.

Thank you

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