Babbel usage does not work 100%

Hello it seems Brave has to be missing some features.

When I repeated some vocabulary on today, it didn’t work properly.

Normally I write a real vocal. Then the written text is read from the page. With the beta of Brave this does not happen, it is forwarded directly to the next vocabulary.

I checked the whole thing about Microsoft Edge (if the website owners changed anything), because it is played there.

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hey Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too.
Thanks in advance. Regards,

@MediaBird, can you ensure that you have the proper region settings on the OS level? For windows, this would be the “Region control panel”.

What does right mean? I use German as the language on my operating system.

The problem seems to come from Babbel himself. Here is the message I received:


Thank you very much for your message.

Please note the system requirements that apply to our learning program.
As far as browsers are concerned, a current version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Internet Explorer is required.
The browser Brave you are using is not currently one of these, so I cannot promise that the program will run smoothly.

We will gladly pass on your suggestion to offer alternative browsers to the developers so that they can evaluate it there."

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@Mattches @jasonsmith
The problem is the Auto-Play Blocker.

The solution is for the vocabulary to be read aloud; call
Click on Repeat Vocabulary
Repeat a vocabulary
Then the message appears on the URL bar that Autoplay has been blocked.
Click there and select “Always allow autoplay on”.


Excellent sleuthing!

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