"Aww snap" on new update - Symantec Endpoint related?

Description of the issue:
Brave browser is launching but always display the “Aww, snap” page. At launch, it says that all the extensions are stopped. I’m not able to access any page, even “internal” pages such as “brave://help/”. Always Aww snap.

I’m running on windows 10. Brave is in
It seems that I had an automatic update last week but it was working until this morning, even after multiple reboots.

Additional information : When I first started using Brave about a year ago, I had the same type of error. I found out that it was linked to Symantec Endpoint Protection (I’m on my work laptop).
I resolved it by using the code " –disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity" in the shortcut, as found on some other topics.
The issue today is not the same because Brave is not working, with or without the feature RendererCodeIntegrity, but I’m wondering if it is linked to Symantec as well…?
I’m on Symantec Endpoint latest update as it’s installed automatically by my company but I can try to provide details if needed.

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