Awsome tools from other popular browsers

  • missing 3rd party player (view on Aloha, Ucweb, MI Browser, Quark and QQ Browser) that replace any website player,
  • missing floating 3rd party player (view on Ucweb, MI Browser, Quark and QQ Browser),
  • missing video download button (view on Aloha, Ucweb, MI Browser, CM Browser, Quark and QQ Browser. To download from Youtube make an non google play version on brave site)
  • missing download very fast (view on Ucweb)
  • missing save any image from page (view on Ucweb, MI Browser, Quark and QQ Browser)
  • missing clear something i select (like history, passwords, etc…view on Aloha, Firefox, Opera and Ucweb Mini)
  • missing extensions manager (view on Firefox and Yandex)


Nothing yet. Maybe next year :smirk: I’m using CocCoc Browser for android till Brave will be at high standards :roll_eyes:


All the extensions you like and are used to will be coming to Brave with the Brave v1.0 rewrite—coming sometime later this year. It will feature a full Chromium front-end, meaning full Chrome extension coverage and compatibility.

See here for more information :slight_smile: Instead of trying to port over individual extensions

You’ll be happy!

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