Award not received

I have the same problem most people have. It keeps on saying July rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out!
Even last month (June) it keep saying the same way and later it just disappeared. Emailing the support team didn’t work as it seems you have an autoresponder. Every time when I write the problem, you asked me to send screenshots with the message " Would you mind sending a screenshot of your Ad Diagnostics tab found here: brave://rewards-internals/? It is a separate tab and differs from the previous screenshot provided.". but never get the problem solved-very disappointing service.


ye its sad but it looks like if enough people have the problem then they reply

i have the same issue missing over 10 bat june and july still havnt been paid. now this month its showing im only getting .01 bat … pretty disapointing

Hi @prajol sorry to hear your issue was not resolved.

Did you submit a ticket to our Rewards Support form? If you have could you send me a DM of your ticket number.

Thank you!

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