Aw, Snap! error july 02

Since today I’m getting this error in every other website I type in. After I press reload the website loads tho

Thanks for reaching out. Can you try clearing you browsing data – mainly your cache but anything you’re willing to part with. Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data

I have everything to be cleared when I exit the browser. Still happens when I open the browser again and try to go to a website.

Actually now it happends 100% of the time when opening a new tab and going to a website

Do you have any extensions installed in Brave? Additionally, are you connected to a VPN by any chance?
Also, long shot but, if you open a Private window and try to visit a website do you get the same behavior?

Only uBlock Origin installed. Not in private window and not connected to a VPN . But trying it again now today it seems fixed. Don’t know what caused it all of a sudden yesterday.