Avoiding the impending Bitcoin BIP148 migration chasm




I’m concerned about the impending Bitcoin BIP148 migration.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this- https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/bitcoin-beginners-guide-surviving-bip-148-uasf/

From the article- “It’s … best not to send any transactions the last day or two before August 1st, just in case they don’t confirm in time.”

My next contribution date is ⁨July 29th⁩, uncomfortably close to the migration deadline.

Is there any way to move up the date for processing the payment so that I’m not left performing a bitcoin payment in the midst of the migration with all the uncertainty that comes with it?




Hi, thanks for letting us know about it. The team is going to do transition from Bitcoin to BAT, Basic Attention Token, so that would not be a big issue anyway. Best,


CC @mrose for a comment.


there is no “good” answer to this question, but here are possibilities:

to begin, keep in mind that there is “penalty” for missing a contribution, delaying a contribution, etc.

  1. look at the account balance in the preference panel. if it is less than the monthly budget, then you’re fine.

  2. if not, you can temporarily raise the monthly budget until you want to turn your contributions back on. for example, if you have a ~$5 equivalent balance, just set the monthly budget to ~$20 until you want to turn it back on.

  3. if you can’t do that, then turn off the contributions system until you want to turn it back on.

make sense?



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