Avoid a page open random tabs


Some sites are full of bad intentions, so everytime you click on something you have 1, 3 or 5 new tabs opened (sometimes even new windows), full of ads of course, asking for money, etc. This is really unnecessary in a Brave browser. Please!, I would love to see that this violent behaviour with tabs/new windows is over.


Do you have any specific sites that shows these random tabs/page popups when clicked on the site?


Hi Siriam, this weekend I understood that I have some kind of Adware in my laptop. Sorry, seems that the problem is not too much related with brave (it happens also in chrome and firefox). But anyway, I really think that a secure browser as it is brave should be protected also of this malicius software, otherwise it wouldn’t be so secure (and I really like brave, cause of that I want it secure).

Not sure still about what adware it is, I will figure out this week. But it opens random tabs related with spam and bitcoins. If I figure out I will open a new topic asking to brave for being protected of all this stuff,. But I need to double check firstly. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delayed response but thanks for the update @tatitati. I’d suggest running an antivirus scan on your machine and secure it. Please do open a new thread if you still face any issues with Brave. I will go ahead and close the thread for now.

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