Avira Internet Security has quarantined a threat found in Brave browser

Brave Version 1.35.101

Avira Internet Security has just quarantined a threat found in Brave v 1.35.101. The threat name reported is BAT/FormatC.W and contained in my user directory:

\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Preferences

What action is required?


Thanks for taking the time to reply and help, appreciated.

A Malwarebytes scan on the offending PC showed nothing untoward.

It’s rather strange as my second system has both Brave and Avira and didn’t detect anything amiss, even after running a full Avira and Malwarebytes scan on the second system.

I have now deleted the offending threat being held in Avira’s quarantine and Brave seems to have survived and I’ll just see if anything untoward arises.

Like yourself, I too have both Wallet and Rewards.

Thanks again.

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