Avira Internet Security has quarantined a threat found in Brave browser

Brave Version 1.35.101

Avira Internet Security has just quarantined a threat found in Brave v 1.35.101. The threat name reported is BAT/FormatC.W and contained in my user directory:

\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Preferences

What action is required?


It could very well be a false positive.

First things first, I would download the free Malwarebytes and see what that makes of it.

If you still feel iffy about it, you could move any BAT you may have from your Brave Wallet and then delete Preferences (I have Wallet and Rewards disabled and I cannot even find Preferences inside the Default folder, so I’m guessing it isn’t integral to the functioning of the browser itself).

I don’t know whether this will break your Wallet, so you might have to reset it under brave://settings/wallet and/or reconfigure your brave://settings/rewards settings.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and help, appreciated.

A Malwarebytes scan on the offending PC showed nothing untoward.

It’s rather strange as my second system has both Brave and Avira and didn’t detect anything amiss, even after running a full Avira and Malwarebytes scan on the second system.

I have now deleted the offending threat being held in Avira’s quarantine and Brave seems to have survived and I’ll just see if anything untoward arises.

Like yourself, I too have both Wallet and Rewards.

Thanks again.

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