AV1, VP9, VP8 support

Would greatly appreciate inline support for codecs like AV1, VP8 and VP9. These formats are common on streaming and media sites and often makes playing files like .webm or WebRTC streams :slight_smile:

Bumping this again :grin:

OK! :grinning:

I know nothing about what you are posting, but here are some options in brave://flags that you can disable/enable for AV1 & VP9. There wasn’t anything listed for VP8. Does this relate at all?

Ah this request is for the Brave app on iOS, which doesn’t have the flags menu unfortunately :pensive:

Ah-ha! I didn’t know that, I only use a desktop. I know nothing about other operating systems and what is or is not available! There sure is a lot I don’t know isn’t there. lol

Thank-you. I’ll vote just because… seems like something like that should be available on iOS if it is available on desktop…

You should vote too!

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