Autoplay media on page prompts stop responding


Occasionally when I click a link to autoplay media on a page the prompt does not respond

Steps to Reproduce
Go to a site (eg.
Navigate to a page which has automatic gifs.
Continue to browse and navigate

Actual result:

The prompt stops responding (autoplay media) and instead remains visible without responsiveness and there is no way to make it disappear.

Expected result:

The prompt should respond based on a positive action or negative action

Reproduces how often:

Ocassionally if ignored for a while.


Brave: 0.23.31
rev 3148ace|
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
|OS Platform|macOS|
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 67.0.3396.103


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