Autoplay issues - please help - using up all mobile data


Hi, I am using Brave 1.0.52 on Android 8.1.0.
Under Settings -> Site Setting -> Media, I have autoplay set to “Block” but when I go to sites like, they still play. I even set “Background video playback” and “Video playback in Brave” to “Disabled”. I cleared site settings to ensure was not inadvertently set to allow video or something.

I don’t know what else to do, this is driving me crazy and using a lot of mobile data.

Thanks for your time.


Hi @novagirl841, thank you for reaching out!
I’ll need some more information as I cannot reproduce this behavior on my Android device. Are the videos that autoplay video ads, or are they embedded videos in the website? Also, I know you gave “” as an example, could you post a link to a specific page in which a video autoplays so i can ensure that I’m testing everything correctly?


Thanks for the quick response.

The videos that autoplay are embedded, not advertisements.

To reproduce, you can navigate here via the Brave android browser and click the headline article (at this moment it is “This tapes story is just getting started”):

A direct link to that article is below, but I noticed that if I navigate directly to the page using the link the video does NOT autoplay. To reproduce the autoplay issue you would have to navigate to the article via the homepage.

Thank you.


Hello again, sorry for the delayed reply.
So I followed your STR and was still unable to produce the error. I apologize since I know you mentioned this already in your first post but, just to confirm, can you ensure that your Shields are activated for


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