Autoplay is blocked but it still autoplays


(Update: Brave 1.0.52 fixed it)

Nexus 5X (rooted), Android 8.1.0, Brave 1.0.48

I’ve gone to Settings, Site settings, Media, Autoplay, and turned it off so it says “blocked” and there are no exceptions. But videos at still autoplay as I scroll the page with Shields on.

This problem only started a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the help.


Updated to Brave 1.0.49 did not fix it.


Does this only happen on Facebook?


Lauren, sorry, didn’t see your post till now. And it’s too late now as v. 1.0.52 fixed it.


Thanks for confirming @Dude!

Glad to know is fixed. Closing this thread for now. Feel free to open new one if you face another issue/s.


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