Autoplay blocker fails when YouTube videos are open in multiple tabs

Description of the issue:
How I usually watch YouTube videos is to have my Subscriptions open in one tab, then CMD+click each of the videos I want to watch, so they each open in separate background tabs.

When I do this, the first video tab I go to does not play until I click Play.

But when I close that tab, and the next tab to the right becomes the focus, that video begins playing immediately — Brave’s autoplay blocker has failed. This problem continues for each subsequent tab.

If I CMD+clicked on 5 videos to open them in consecutive background tabs, the first one doesn’t autoplay, but the rest do when brought to the foreground.

(For comparison, if I allow Autoplay in Brave’s settings, but use the AutoplayStopper extension, I don’t have this problem.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. brave://settings/content/autoplay > block autoplay
  3. CMD+click on several videos to open them in background tabs
  4. Click the first of those tabs
    RESULT: Video does not autoplay
  5. CMD+W to close the first tab, resulting in the second tab gaining focus
    Expected result: Same as in #4
    Actual result: Video autoplays
  6. Repeat #5 for remaining tabs, and get the same result

ALSO, sometimes even that first tab autoplays.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
macOS 12.6.3 and 10.13.6

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