Automatically uses a VPN in Tor?

Windows computer.
Does Private Mode with Tor automatically use a VPN?
If so what is the default location of the VPN?

It does not use VPN. It uses TOR (onion routing).

Is Tor based in the United States? When using through a Brave Browser.

Vpn and tor are two complately different things. Vpn routes your traffic via openvpn/wiregaurd protocol to a server owned by a vpn provider (like nordvpn). Vpn gets you new ip address, encrypted traffic and few other benefits. In vpn, the traffic is passed through only by the vpn server. The server can be where the vpn company puts it.

While tor routes your traffic via onion routing protocol. The traffic is routed on servers owned by anonymous individuals all round the world. In tor, the traffic is passed through three servers- entry, middle, exit server. All three servers are randomized so that your traffic is never intercepted directly. That is why tor is very slow compared to a vpn.

Tor is actively used by ‘criminals’ as it is useful for anonymous browsing.

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