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Does Brave automatically update or does it give you a notification when a update is available?


Hi @Bataling_Uncle,

I believe it’s automatically download the update. Notification appears when download finish and need a restart to apply updates.


Your reply is factually accurate, but it’s hardly a “solution”.

Brave updates are downloaded without users’ consent. This remains Brave’s most profound flaw. Until Brave changes this, alerting users that an update is available, but allowing users to select when to download an update, Brave remains a browser that I occasionally use, but there are many scenarios when I don’t open Brave, relying instead on alternative browsers. Currently, when there is a Brave update, Brave hogs available (and limited) bandwidth.

There’s a second flaw in Brave’s current practice of cramming down updates on unwitting users. Brave currently is actively still in development. I get it. But some “updates” introduce profound failures, e.g.: uncontrolled scrolling, a characteristic that remains unresolved and results in a browser with at best limited functionality. Users should have the option to revert to an earlier Brave version and continue to use that earlier version when later / more current versions are fatally flawed.


The team is trying to find the solution like



I appreciate your reply and the reference to an “open issue”.

What users want: control over downloading / installing updates.

Brave continues to entertain “throttling”. “Throttling” utterly fails to give users control over downloading / installing updates.

Give users control over downloading / installing updates.


When someone replys to a post i made and i think it’s a solution it is a solution.
I get none of:

So i’m fine with this solution

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