Automatic Slideshow on the new tab page similar to "Next Desktop Background" with time interval


i want to set automatic slideshow on new tab page…
Similar to

3 seconds, 5 seconds , 7 seconds, 10 seconds
we can also set image resolution to HD or UHD
Also want to set New tab gallery image library intensity to Standard (default) or Big

SO if “Big” Selected, more images keep being added by brave team for every 8 hours and we can download the images, the downloads can be auto or we can download it manually similar to windows defender

on the new tab settings page, we can have storage visibility of how much space images took like 130mb, 342 mb…etc
users can also delete the images if they want to (so if deleted, Brave browser replaces the standard images library )

i dont know why you set a limit of 15 images especially while there are millions of wallpapers available, we want to see new images daily…

so just like how you update ad, also add new images , you can also add “New tab image interst choices” similar to

so brave browser downloads only images of this sort

for example Supercars, animals, space, nature, women models, pc games, city views , night views, beaches, Flowers, mountains, forest, rain, skyscrapers…etc

(A download button, favorite button would also be nice where we can set to show favorites and after mood change of wanting to see what’s new we can set back to show Global images and update library very often, i like updating so i would like to see an update option similar to antivirus definitions)

The only thing i don’t like about Brave team is their Laziness to update images, i use brave as my only browser for more than 18 months and so far i have hardly seen only less than 25 images which are keep being looped, we need new images daily that are not ad ( i have seen over 500+ sponsored images )

please show the same interest for new tab images as in the same way you do it for sponsored images.
Currently for dark theme you only have dark grey color, but an additional theme called black which shows black color everywhere would be nice #000000


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