Automatic registered username does not work

**Hi Brave comunity. The registered brave browser username for automatic input in does not work **

**Works good with chrome but not with brave. the usename and password are properly registered in brave browser. I cleared everything and put back the proper username and password with no success. I put the site. I do see the automatic username with some stars hidding the first few letters of the username. I put the password. and it does not work. I have to manually put the full username each time. The registered automatic username with the stars “xxxxusername” does not work for some reason. It seems that the hidden letters that are behind the stars are not recognized. It works ok with Chrome but not with Brave for some reason.

Thank you in advance

Thank you for reaching out.
If I understand correctly, you’re saying that when you go to login to that site, you see the input fields filled out automatically, but they are not the correct credentials and you end up having to re-type username to login?

yes. exactly. that is the problem

yes exactly. that is the problem

yes. exactly. this is the problem

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